Collection: Wearable Digital Jewelry

What is Wearable Virtual Jewelry?

Our virtual earrings are limited edition pieces that can be worn through an augmented reality (AR) filters unlimited times in pictures, videos, video meetings and other platforms. THIS IS A DIGITAL ITEM AND IT ONLY EXISTS DIGITALLY.

This piece’s uniqueness is tokenised on the blockchain as a non-fungible token (NFT). With the purchase of this item you will be one of a limited number of owners and you will receive a digital picture/gif file, a GLB file and an exclusive link to a filter on Snapchat.
Show off this irresistible digital look and start new conversations about tech, the metaverse, NFTs, AR/VR and all that digital fashion brings!

The Benefits

The AURELIA + ICARUS Zodiac Collection

Personalized Digital Jewelry

As mentioned in The New York Times, the Metaverse Starter Set for Style Lovers. This phygital (physical and digital) kit is a fun and easy way to start your own NFT collection. Comes with a citrine stone 14 karat necklace and matching earrings to wear in real life with a digital twin of each to wear online.

Try on Our Virtual Wearables. (Install Snap to view.)