How We Do It

The Gamers Over Guns Four Super Powers to Level Up Lives: 

1.  Technology


-Generative AI (artificial intelligence). Used as inspiration to create styles.-Chat GPT (artificial intelligence). Used as insight to generate product names and descriptions for the Roblox marketplace.-Canva, a free user-friendly graphic design program.-Roblox Studio. Where the designs will be uploaded and officially created.

2. Creativity

 -Allows students the freedom to express their own identity.

-Provides a fun, safe way for students to 'escape' real life and define themselves online on their own terms.

3. Entrepreneurship/Business experience  

-Students are responsible for their own skins 'business.' Managing their own business gives a sense of autonomy and self-direction.

-Pride and fulfillment for students: They created the vision, laid out their plan, followed the needed steps and made it happen.

-Teaches them the risk of failure (some skins may sell, some may not) and why failure is an important part of life and strengthens ourselves to do better, building character.

-Ability to become a digital nomad: Students can continue to grow and develop their skills beyond the program and can continue creating and selling skins whenever and wherever they wish.

-Provides an opportunity to seek a cutting-edge career that aligns with their interests.

4. Financial Literacy

-Students will learn how to manage their revenue through financial literacy basics:

  • Earning
  • Spending, saving and planning (Goal setting)
  • Learning about handling debt and credit
  • Investing (for example, there are players who buy skins on Roblox and resell them for profit)